Welcome to the North Coast HOBOS

About The Club:

The North Coast HOBOS is a men's social club that exists solely to provide its members the opportunity for fellowship and comradery in a casual and enjoyable setting free from the obligations and committments of most other organizations.  Membership is limited to men of good character and reputation in the community. Monthly events are scheduled at different locations in and around the North Coast area.

Here is a sampling of our previous events:  

  • Seafood Feed 
  • Wild Game Feed 
  • Monday Night Football
  • Oktoberfest 
  • Guest Social and BBQ Contest 
  • Lousiana Crayfish Feed
  • Distillery Tour & Tasting
  • Oysteroli  
  • St. Patrick's Day Lunch
  • Famous HOBO encampment

How To Join:

New members are proposed and sponsored by existing members.  Applicants complete a membership application and return it along with their payment to their sponsor, who in turn will pass it along to the membership committee.

Contact Greg Darcy Membership Chair for more information at greg@darcysfinejewelers.com

Contact Us:

Mailing Address:

North Coast HOBOS
P.O. Box 5824
Santa Rosa, CA 95402



Don't be a no-show, be a Hobo!

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